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NOIMIA Advantage

Outstanding technical strength

 Having a senior technical engineering team in the industry;
 Core technology can realize "high current" and "long life" electrical connection products;
 Strong independent research and development capabilities with 25 intellectual property rights;
 Establishing cooperative relationships with well-known domestic universities and research institutes;
 Technical innovation capabilities, the chairman of the company leads the innovation team to advance the work and advocates technological innovation;

Rich product types

 New energy: high-current electrical connection products can reach 1000A; long-life electrical connection products can be plugged and unplugged counted more than 15,000 times;
 Electric tools: The output shaft runout accuracy can be controlled below 0.01MM;
 Medical device category: Product grade can reach Category III standards;
 Industrial control: product accuracy can reach micron level;

production scale effect

 Industrial chain capabilities: including cold heading, cold extrusion, stamping, turning, engraving, automatic assembly, Automatic detection and other equipments which would realize one-stop service for products;
 Imported advanced equipment accounts for 80%, with high processing precision.;
 Self-developed fully automatic assembly line with high efficiency and stable quality;
 Quick response capability: able to quickly expand production capacity and add process equipment according to customer needs;

Long-term partner

 Business compliance and high credibility;

NOIMIA Customer Service Process


Requirements communication

Conducting preliminary communication for understanding product application areas, specifications, dimensions, materials, finish, hardness, pore diameter, voltage and other technical parameters, annual demand, delivery time, etc.

Technical drawings

we would sign a NDA with you first, then you have to provide drawings (2D or 3D) to evaluate product performance, production process, dimensional details, etc. Our production processes including CNC turning, cold heading, and stamping. Importantly, cold heading and stamping require mold opening to complete.

Product quotation

We evaluate cost including material, processing technology, finish, transportation and so on. Usually we would send you EXW or FOB SHENZHEN quotation. Kind reminder: any changes to the drawings will involve price adjustments.

Samples customization for testing

We will start customizing samples after both parties confirm the quotation and payment terms. It takes 7-12 days to cnc turned generally, cold forging and stamping takes 25-35 days. When sample is completed, we will test subject to drawing requirements and deliver to customer for verification and confirmation.

Order contract signing

After the sample is confirmed, we can sign a formal purchase contract and specify the purchase quantity, delivery cycle, payment terms and other details。
We will prepare materials according to hardware materials (if it is a special material, customization time is required), production efficiency determines the delivery cycle, and batch shipments are allowed。

Product delivery

Before attaching report of inspection, material, coating thickness and salt spray test, all product exterior and dimension are 100% qualified.
Product packaging: PE bag or plastic box, carton。
Shipping method: DHL, fedex, FOB sea shipping
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