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Factory Equipment

CNC Center Equipment

Suitable for processing hardware materials technical staff have rich work experience and refined process control, providing high quality products.

Multi-Station Cold Pier Machine, Stamping Processing Equipments

Suitable for customized processing hardware materials and providing production processes for products to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Secondry Processing Equipments

Slot milling, shrinking, drilling and bending functions, adapting to hardware materials
80 automatic secondary processing machines 
10 automatic shrinking machines
Equipment processing accuracy ±0.01mm

New Energy Automatic Production Equipments

Suitable for processing hardware materials and automating assembly operations to achieve efficient cost reduction and cost savings, which is conducive to quality control.

Quality Control-Testing Instruments

In line with the business philosophy of providing high-quality products, we are equipped with a series of testing instrumentssuch as salt spray test chamber, film thickness tester, low resistance tester, insertion and pulling force tester,inlaying machine, hardness tester, two-dimension tester, digital microscope and so on.


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